Dream Shakers 

Motivational Shows for Children & Families


We are a musical traveling production based out of Atlanta, GA providing motivational   concepts for children's success in a fun and engaging way as we provide nation-wide presentations all year round.

Touring presentations include Class Room Settings, Auditoriums, Gymnasiums, Community Events, Faith-Based Events, Shopping Malls and etc. 

Presentations are geared for small and larger audiences which includes engaging interaction, dancing and various fun activities that everyone can get involved in. 

Featured Show Topics:

  • Making Right Choices 
This amazing story-line encourages children to make the best choices through peer pressure and negativity. They are encouraged to Dream big and to succeed  in following directions and overcoming challenges. They are motivated to be leaders and not followers. Our characters will take the audience on a fun roller coaster of an upbeat show while children can dance, interact and have plenty of fun!

  • Dream Big & Believe
This showcase encourages and inspires the idea of believing in your goals and working hard to achieve them! Motivation to continue task through set backs and negative peer pressure is pushed to students while catchy songs and dances engages them throughout the story-line! 

  • Holiday Presentations- Family Affair 
  • We provide great Holiday shows for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. We highlight the Joy of Giving in a whimsical and jolly presentation that is sure to put students and staff in the Christmas spirit! 

Presentation  concepts:
  1. Physical Fitness
  2. Anti-Bullying
  3. Character Development
  4. Following Directions
  5. Problem Solving
  6. Conflict Resolution
  7. Team Building and engaging fun!

We provide Class room, Auditorium and Gymnasium presentations. All presentations include engaging interaction, dancing fun and various fun activities that everyone can get involved in. With a ton of surprises and engaging fun, everyone can expect a great time.


We provide motivational workshops for children and youth between 4th-12th grade. We accommodate each age group with sessions tailor-made just for them. Workshops include elements of music, dance(physical fitness) and theater(improv).

Areas of Focus

Problem Solving - Anger Management - Caring & Sharing - Conflict Resolution

 Team Work- Self Confidence by way of creative visual & performing art concepts!

Sessions can include:

  • Motivational drills
  • Improv/acting scenarios
  • Team building projects
  • Fun musical exercises
  • Physical exercises(Hula Hoop, Beach ball toss, Parachute etc.)

You can inquire about shows & workshops also for summer camp or for our general tour. You can also add this service along with a presentation. If you would like one at your venue,

Contact us today!

Dream Big!