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Decision Making - Relationship Skills - Social Awareness - Self Management - Self-Awareness




🌟 Welcome to the enchanting world of The Dream Shakers, where imagination knows no bounds! 🚀

We're on a mission to inspire and uplift young minds, and we do it through the magic of our characters and shows! 🎉

For over 13 wonderful years, we've been the beacon of joy, offering vibrant performances filled with dancing, singing, and boundless excitement – all wrapped up in a thrilling 60-minute adventure that will leave kids and adults alike with hearts full of laughter and inspiration. 🎵💃🕺

Our focus goes beyond the stage; it's a journey into the heart of what truly matters:

🤝 Team Building

💖 Kindness

🚫 Anti Bullying

🧩 Problem Solving

🌟 Motivation

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Our dedication to education and entertainment knows no bounds, making us your trusted partner for school assemblies, child care development, corporate events, birthdays, and celebrations. 🎂🎈

Join us on this whimsical journey where learning and laughter intertwine, and together, we'll nurture the bright dreams of the future! 🌠📚✨


"Many children have participated and have progressed from clamorous or detached to cooperative. This is called the restorative process of learning by example."

  • Anthony D. Alonzo - Post Tribune Correspondent

"The Dream Shakers/Wacky Schoolers were lively and energetic. They planted seeds and the children were receiving a great message as they were dancing and singing along. If you are thinking of booking them, I highly recommend them with 2 thumbs up. I know the children will be leaders and not followers and that they can make right choices.

  • Clayton County Headquarters Library, Atlanta, GA

We honor our administrators, teachers and all staff support that dedicate their lives in teaching our future leaders. Thank you Superheroes!

Just Sharing A Little of Our Fun!

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