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We were always taught to fake it till you make it but the reality is that sometimes we can fake it so much that we ourselves become fake. That is casting a perception with no results or evidence of the character we created ourselves to be. We can fake being happy or having money and etc. but what happens when the make it part happens. If we faked being happy then do we become less happy upon making it? What about being rich, do we even make it because we spent our lasts to impress that we become deeper in debt?

Let us rather believe it until we recieve it(faith it till you make it). To believe usually associates an action behind it. The things you believe you can accomplish usually shows in your action. Faith it means you are believing something or a conclusion that has not yet became reality for the present moment. The words we choose to say are vital to our own successful futures.  Let us create this mind set knowing that the things we are believing in will come to pass. There are no time tables on the conclusions of our belief so we must continue to keep faith until we see the fulfilled and desired results!

The Programmed Mind(story short)

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This story short is about two young boys named John and Frank. They both were neighbors who grew up in the same living conditions. Their community was very dangerous and in fact, a stray dog wouldn't be caught alive in that neighborhood. The survival ratio of making it out that area successful was maybe a .01 percent chance.

Anyway, they both seen and faced the same type of experiences growing up. The only difference was what happened inside their homes and their minds.  John grew up with support from his parents as they always encouraged him to never give up. They always reminded him that if he fails he can get up and try again. They told him he had greatness inside of him and that he was a champion. His parents struggled mightily to support him but the seeds they planted inside of him were priceless and invaluable. As John got older, he was equipped to handle setbacks and disappointments which were just attempted roadblocks to his goals and dreams. Frank however experienced less support emotionally. His parents wanted a better life but in their pursuit, they neglected giving him proper attention. The attention only came in a disciplinary way if he did something wrong. He never knew how it felt to hear that he has greatness or any other encouraging words for that matter. He grew up believing that fulfilling dreams were just in fact dreams that doesn’t happen in reality. As he got older, every setback he faced were just confirmations to him that great things were not meant to happen for him.

The outcome was that John accomplished great things with his life. He had many success stories as well as failures along the way but he never seen anything as a real failure because he tried every idea and dream that was on his heart. His motto was, “its only failure if you never try”.Frank grew older and bitter as he watched life go by. He lived in fear as he was afraid to try anything and he also believed that he was not valuable enough to accomplish anything big. He envied the doers and made company with the misery. His fear materialized into excuses which he used to justify the state he was in.

You see, the key is what are we programming our children minds with? How are our minds programmed?

We are what we BELIEVE! It is so important to constantly plant seeds of purpose inside of youth because it will pay major dividends in the end. Sometimes we get caught up in our schedules to provide that we forget the internal person we are providing for.

A lot of us may grow up around negative people but we must remember we don’t have to accept the negativity and fight against the odds. Parents let us take away the fight and make it easier for our youth. Let’s make sure we are feeding our children, our youth with positive and encouraging affirmations. While discipline is needed to correct them when they error but let us not forget that this is even more important and needed. Providing financially is awesome but money doesn’t build a strong foundation of character, its up to us!


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Listen as long as there is breath in your body and that you get the opportunity to see each day is a answer in itself that there is still work for you to accomplish on this earth. It doesn’t matter what sickness, disease or unpleasant situation that you are in the possibilities of greatness are always present.

Believe it or not but miracles still exist. This means that sickness, disease, mental conditions, broken relationships and financial setups are not final conclusions for any of us. This also means that any of these conditions can change instantly no matter of how long or short you’ve been dealing with it. We as humans can get frustrated, weary, confused, emotionally drained, angered and to the point of giving up when unwanted circumstances come to reside with us and especially when it seems it is taking too long. Some people can come across to appear that they don’t suffer these feelings through difficulty of test and trials because they want to create a mirage of always being strong no matter what but understand that the strong who survive endure through these feelings, that is why they are strong in the first place.

It is normal to experience these feelings because you are human but it is absolutely imperative to never ever stop believing. You must hold on to your faith even if its by a thread because when you lose faith you lose hope and when you lose that you lose all the possible opportunities of life changing events that can happen for you.

I don’t care what condition or state that you are in or facing, if you keep believing along with application, its not too late for you!

Choices We Make

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We are faced with various choices from the moment we open are eyes each day until the very night we close our eyes to sleep.  Choices have lead to great outcomes and very well the same, poor outcomes.

We make choices to further our education to give ourselves a greater chance to succeed financially. Some make choices to not further their education but rather put their energy in other projects and they still become highly successful because they put great effort in the choice to follow their dreams. Some make choices to start on a successful trial but choose to stop when things get heavy and then life become full of excuses.

You see, choices to stay determined have pruned out the greatest creations and inventions that we have the pleasure of enjoying today. Choices have bought us the great pleasure to enjoy our families, friends, careers, the vehicles we drive and so on. Choices have also left horrible stains of regret for a lot of us.

The point is that the choices that we make can effect others around us, good or bad but we can not get stuck regretting horrible decisions we made. We must instead make a new choice to keep going and look forward to better ourselves while looking for newer opportunities. Make the choice to keep fighting for success in all areas of your life. Make the choice to no longer be the victim of your past or current situation no matter what it is.

Choose to wear the mindset of a champion. Make the the choice to be consistent. Make the choice that you believe you were born to be great because you are great!   

Go conquer today!  

It's your choice.

Stay in The Game

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Everything around us can stand out stronger when we want more out of life no matter what it is!

Relationships, career, desire to start a family, finances or whatever the hearts desire is, the simpe fact that you desire this and that for yourself, things around you can come along to shift your focus. For example, you want children but it's not happening fast enough and everytime you go out to the store, church or any venue, you see more happy familes enjoying themselves or you want to be in business for yourself so you see other business owners that appear to be doing well working for themselves. Just because you seek it, the thing you want is even more magnified and even glorified which can leave you more frustrated than motivated.  

The point of this subject is to encourage you to stay in the game! Hang in there!  It is not by incident that these things stand out to you but rather, it is the fact that your mind picks up on these things as it is registered as a high alert your subconscious  state of mind.  It is not intended to discourage you when you see other people joying in the things that you are desiring but it is rather meant as an encouragement to remind you that your hearts desire is achievable and very much possible.  

Don't quit no matter what the setback is, no matter what the bank, doctor's report, rejection letter or situation has told you! Keep knocking on that door and it will eventually open. When you see people achieving something similar to your hearts desire, don't get discouraged as in saying, why is it taking so long? Rather embrace those moments as it serves as a reminder that it is possible and that your turn is coming soon if you stay in the game!

A Life of Leadership is a Life of Pain

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As nice as standing out amongst the ranks seem appeasing and most times glorious the reality can be much more further then the truth. Of course it is a beautiful thing when you hear someone who has fufilled thier dreams or specific tasks talk about their achievements but sometimes the ugly deepness of the stressful nights and days and the battle that goes on inside the mind that makes us want to give up can go under the radar.

To be a leader in any field whether your job, church or visionary of creating your own projects and income, you must be willing to accept friends and family turning their back on you, being misunderstood, having your self-confidence constantly attacked, failure and plenty of set-backs, the temptation to give up, problems from every angle including finances, relationships, health and the list continues and oh yeah, did I mention moments of silent tears. The tears no one from the outside would ever know or see.

If you want it bad enough in terms of fulfilling whats in your heart regarding purpose and overall destiny, it is definitely rewarding but the road to get there will test you if you really want it.  If you choose and decide that these challenges are not for you, then join the safety group who enjoys a comfortable life with all mediocrity. This includes not leaving a mark on this earth with no effectiveness. The road less traveled of stepping out can hurt to the core but if you withstand the punches it throws at you, your latter end will be limitless and not restricted to a life of limits and mediocrity.

You've done all you can. Now what?

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This has been the theme for most of us who are fighting for financial increase, better relationships, health, that dream and even for a peace of mind but lets do a self check and ask the question of did we really try everything?

As frustrating as it is when things are continually not working but lord knows that you are putting in the time and effort. Doing all you can requires a mixture of faith, consistency, changing things up, being ambitious, withstanding continual rejection, patience and having overall strength.

As a human being, it is natural to become fatigued when your mind, body and soul is going at a all time high to accomplish that particular goal that you are striving for and fatigue causes us to get highly emotional and sensitive. We start to look at our surroundings and it seems like everyone else is doing better or have what you are tirelessly fighting and working for. We become vulnerable which causes the temptation to give up to increase and we can sometimes shutdown.

You’ve utilized your energy physically to strive for your goal so now you must rely on that mixture:

Faith- Believing without a doubt that things will work out even in the unknown seasons. Even in times when you feel that you are about to break down, your faith will rise up and speak!


Consistency- This is an action word that is the key to putting the axe to the tree. We know that a tree doesn’t fall after the first or second swing. It takes a repetative effort and you must have faith to believe that consistency will pay off.


Changing things up- This doesn’t mean that you are not sticking to the game plan but rather you are contributing toward your efforts of success. Discipline is key when trying new methods toward your goals. This can not be confused with throwing out 100 new methods at once. This will cause you to drain quickly leaving you more dazed and confused. Stick to the core of your plan(consistency). New implementations here and there to help change things up are okay as long as they don’t spread you to thin causing you to be ineffective.


Ambitious- This really needs no breakdown. It’s simple here:


Live life unmotivated with low or no expectation and full of excuses = no success.


Live life in consistent expectancy of goals being achieved. Determined not to back down when new opportunities present itself and always looking for ways to make progress=Success.


Withstanding rejection- Research most successful people and find out many of them were told no hundreds of times before that big yes came and changed the course of their life. Some of us try something maybe 2 to 3 times and say we tried everything. Let us put this fear aside and be courageous and know that it takes challenging seasons to get to the pot of gold that is waiting for you on the other side. Those no’s come to eradicate your feelings until you develop layer after layer of thick skin not to take anything personal so when you are strong and established, you will continue to thrive when new rejections come because you were able to take them in your lowest point.


Patience/Strength-These two go hand and hand. When it comes down to it, after you have done all you can, just stand. Stand strong until the fulfillment of what you are seeking comes to pass. It may take weeks, months and even years but it will be worth it when your season comes. Remember, every one's time of fulfillment varies so it is important to stay focused on your task because it is easy to lose sight when it appears someone else is prospering in their assignment before you can. Patience is the key so stand strong.


Go conquer today!







You are greater than you think!

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You are greater, you are stronger and you are closer than you think you are! The seed of greatness was placed within us while we were formed in our mother's womb. It is endurance of uncomfortable life situations and becoming a champion that helps birth it out. None of us were mistakes or just by chance. Everything has a purpose, a time and season. We must face challenges, setbacks and plenty of rejections to develop strong character and our greatness. Please understand that you are being built for something greater than you can ever imagine. You may have an idea or plan of your goals but trust me when i say that dream and goal you are shooting for is just an interlude to higher heights that you can never imagine. Don't limit yourself to your known capabilities, you must be open to unknown territory of greatness and opportunities also. In our carnal thinking, no one likes being used but renew your mind and embrace being used, embrace giving your all so you can be used all up.

You can leave this lifetime satisfied and empty rather then leaving this earth full of:

  • Plenty of gifts and talents
  • Books to be written
  • Songs
  • Inventions 
  • Businesses
  • and so on and so on
Encourage yourself! Awaken the greatness that resides within you! Don't be a clone of someone else, just be you!

Realize that you are priceless and once this mindset is established, nothing or no one will intimidate you or can hold you back. You will realize that you can do all things if you believe it.  
So just keep keep moving forward because you are greater, stronger and closer than you think you are!

Go win today!

Fear-the ultimate bully

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We all face fear at some point and time of our lives. The problem is that many of us cannot get over that hurdle. Fear has been the stumbling block for a lot us since we were children and while our views and thought processes have changed from childhood to adulthood, that fear remains a obstacle.

It hinders you from challenging yourself and getting more out of life. It stops your destiny, those things you were suppose to accomplish in this lifetime.  Fear bullies you by telling you that your not good enough or that you don't have the skills, personality or wisdom to do it. Excuses now become your pity best friend as we justify why we don't carry out certain actions.  It becomes a clutch for us and it keeps us from admitting that we are just plain scared.

These are punches fear will throw at you:

  • Rejection
  • Failure
  • Shame from failure
  • Procrastination 
  • Low self esteem(lack of confidence)
  • Pain from past experiences and so on
There are no alternative ways to make it to your success or true destiny fulfilled but to get out of your comfort zone and take that leap into unknown territory.  It is important to plan and strategize but remember, life will throw everything at you to get you back to your comfort zone but it is time for that champion to rise within you and knock fear on its back. Be strong and courageous and conquer! Do that thing that has been placed in your heart.
Fear will always exist in this life but it will not be a bully anymore!

Arthur Davis III