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Embark on an In-House Field Trip Adventure with Us!

🌟 Get ready for a thrilling adventure that's bound to captivate students, parents, and educators alike! 🚀


At Dream Shakers Shows, we bring you dynamic productions with a clear focus on building good character and essential Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) concepts. 📚


Our shows are more than just entertainment; they're an interactive experience where students and adults can join the characters in dancing, singing along, and participating in call-and-response segments, ensuring that the lessons truly resonate with everyone. 🕺🎶


🍓 In our available show, "The Adventures of Making Right Choices," Join Strawberry, Trusty, and Jolly Ann as they navigate challenges and learn about making the right choices.


🌟 In our available show, "Never Give Up," Explore stories of perseverance and forgiveness as Strawberry, Trusty, and Jolly Ann face their own dilemmas.


🦋 Finally, we come to our holiday show, "Family & Friends Matter" where this heartwarming show explores the power of coming together, showing love, expressing gratitude, and sharing cherished memories.(Showings consist in the months of November to December)


Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? Our show productions are an hour long, and we kindly request an hour or more for setup before the scheduled show to ensure that the lighting, sound, and props are perfectly in place.

Join us in creating a world where good character and the values of SEL shine brightly in the hearts of all, making every day an adventure of growth and learning! 🌈📖🎉


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