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Motivational Shows for Children & Families

Dream Shakers & Rhythm N' Motion Inc. Foundation -

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Help us spread the message of Empowerment and Hope to children and families through powerful and dynamic shows.

Sponsorship is financial support to help meet the critical development needs of youth and restoration to families nation-wide.

The Rhythm N' Motion Inc/ Dream Shakers Tours travel world-wide providing interactive empowerment shows to youth in schools and various youth organizations. We are passionately striving to reinforce:

The Purpose

Rhythm N' Motion(RNM) Inc Foundation is a 501c3 designed to empower and encourage youth in schools, foster care, children homes and various youth organizations.

Together with our partners, we are planting seeds of motivation, life lessons, self confidence, team building and many internal & character development concepts.

So many youth  are facing difficult challenges along with bullying, peer pressure and various problems that are too hard to convey or express for today's youth. The Dream Shakers along with RNM Foundation are taking steps to bring empowerment and hope to children through motivational story-line shows designed to inspire passion and purpose to bring out the fulfillment of destiny in our children and families.

We can't do this alone. Your support help us provide motivation for mental health as well as physical well being.

Presentations are provided to:


 Various Youth Organizations such as- 

 Boys and Girls Clubs of America

 Foster Care Homes 

 Children Hospitals

Sponsorships also help us go into the inner city schools to bring empowerment, to equip and to enrich young students to be leaders and increase self confidence!

Expected Outcome

We are committed to achieving high self-esteem in our youth which will result in positive test scores, consistent good grades in school, following directions, making right choices and a zero tolerance of bullying. 

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