Dream Shakers 

Motivational Shows for Children & Families

Dream Shakers & Rhythm N' Motion Inc. Foundation -

When you support the 'Yes You Can' movement via financial donation or partnership you are helping us build strong character educational principles, purpose and resilience to make a difference in our future leaders.

 With your help, together we are taking a STAND for: 

  • Anti-bullying & against negative influences
  • Character education
  • Strong children and families
  • Living on purpose( A reason to live)
  • Team building
  • A determination to succeed
  • Success in the classroom, work place, home and community

Presentations through speaking, story-lines or workshops help develop future graduates, entrepreneurs, community & corporate leaders and overall winners that exhibit excellence in character.

The influence to give up or quit important goals are diminished as the determination to live and succeed are personified. 

Other ways to help

Volunteering time such as making phone calls, distributing information(brochures and etc) are welcomed.


Rhythm N' Motion(RNM) Inc Foundation is a 501c3 designed to  inspire children & families to activate their dreams, to live on purpose and to develop a high excellence in character and self confidence. To emphasize the importance of unity within a team structure that will lead to overall success together and independently.

How does my donation or sponsorship help?

Your donation or sponsorship help us continue life changing presentations to inner city schools and programs or activities that cater to disadvantaged children and students in our local communities and nationwide.

Expected Outcome

We are committed to achieving strong resilience, great character and winning positive mind sets in every student that will cultivate successful leaders into adult hood.

DreamShakers Shows

Rhythm N' Motion Foundation